Building the next generation distributed share registry.

Konkrete will help security issuers reach more investors and reduce costs by harnessing the power of blockchain.

Konkrete is NOT conducting an ICO, but selling shares in the foundation company. The investment offer is for the company which will build the distributed share registry on which various future offers such as fractional property etc may be listed, not the offers themselves. The offers of the securities will be made in or accompanied by a copy of the offer information statement. A person should consider the offer information statement in deciding whether to acquire the securities; and anyone who wants to acquire the securities will need to complete the application form that will be in or accompany the offer information statement.

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The platform will feature

Decentralised KYC & Investor Voting Autonomous AML/CTF
Continuous Updates

Creates Liquidity

Tokenisation makes previously illiquid assets instantly tradeable Security. Tokens can be listed on exchanges, and transacted in seconds rather than months or years

Secondary Market Efficiency

Tokenisation allows us to settle transactions instantly by eliminating the need for clearing houses and settlement

Lower Fees

By wrapping securities in tokens, we can leverage the power of smart contracts to build in efficiencies and cost savings across the entire administrative process


Examples of potential offerings

What is a security token?

Security tokens are securities represented on the distributed registry (blockchain). Security tokens can represent a share in an asset such as real estate, a real estate development venture, businesses or investment schemes.

Why are security tokens powerful?

Faster capital raisings

With security tokens you can reach a vast worldwide network of investors on the Blockchain. Wider reach means faster capital raisings.

Lower cost of capital

Tokens on the blockchain can be exchanged among the network of investors in a peer-to-peer manner giving them implicit liquidity. This liquidity translates in lower cost of capital.

Programmable actions

You can design investment offerings that can allocate the funds raised depending on external triggers in an automatic manner. This can reduce the cost and manual errors in fund management significantly.

Reduced cost of ongoing compliance

Smart contracts for security tokens can give automatic updates to investors on how the money is being spent reducing the cost of continuous disclosures substantially.

Reduced back office admin costs

On the blockchain an exchange of tokens is automatically reflected in the positions. This replaces the need for a intensive back office operation to track who owns how much.

Realtime Distributed voting for shareholders

The platform will make it possible for shareholders to vote in a transparent and decentralised manner making truly Decentralised Autonomous Organisations possible in a compliant manner.

Future Potential Applications of the Konkrete platform

Solve the housing affordability crisis through fractional property

Rising house prices are preventing home buyers from entering the market. On the other hand, existing owners find it difficult to access the equity in their properties. Lastly, getting into the property investment game is cost-prohibitive for most budding investors. A suitably structured fractional property fund using the Konkrete Distributed Registry can connect investors with homeowners looking to reduce their debt.

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Fund property development projects & drive pre-sales

Konkrete will help property developers raise capital faster through a global network of property investors and aspiring homeowners. This reduces heavy reliance on banks and closed networks of investors. The potential liquidity for investors also encourages repeat investments in subsequent projects within a shorter interval.

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Investor visibility for unlisted property funds

Unlisted Retail REITs lack investor visibility and face higher investor acquisition costs. Lack of liquidity also results in investors not finding them as attractive as other offers. These conditions often make it more difficult and more expensive to subscribe the fund. Konkrete will make these funds visible to its global network while maintaining the security of investment offers through the use of smart contracts.

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The Konkrete Token

The Konkrete Token (KKT) – an ERC-20-based token – will power the Konkrete platform and form the lifeblood of its ecosystem. Within our ecosystem, KKT will provide utility in the form of listing and transaction fees, recording of unit holder votes, AML/CTF checks and more.

KKT tokens are being given away for free to users and investors as a bonus to boost usage of the platform

Konkrete is not just an idea, but the coming together of two existing entities, whose founders are seasoned entrepreneurs from the real estate and technology startup sector.
  • Australia's leading equity crowdfunding platform for property development
  • Founded in 2014 by Moresh Kokane
  • Profitable enterprise with over $10M raised on the platform
  • Over 3000 investors
  • Leading APAC Corporate Innovation Hub and Startup Accelerator
  • Founded in 2014 by Sean Qian & Steve Glaveski
  • Profitable enterprise who've incubated over 100 startups which have raised over $25M
  • Corporate clients include Charter Hall, NAB, Village Roadshow, Clifford Chance and Asahi

Konkrete Team

Advisory Committee


  • Aug 2014

    Idea Conception

  • Dec 2014

    Non-Blockchain Solution launched

  • Feb 2018

    Konkrete Token Conceptualised

  • June 2018

    White Paper Release

  • Q3 2018

    Konkrete Events

  • Q4 2018

    Konkrete Share Sale

  • Q3 2019

    Platform Launch

  • Q4 2019

    Master Fraction Fund Commences Acquiring Properties

  • Q2 2020

    Customer Owned Development Projects on Platform

  • 2022

    A Global Real-Estate-Backed Currency

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